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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Hollywood celebrities' house

Where do you want to live???


Anonymous said...

u got really nice blog my fren, i liked the pics specially. N i gave you 3 clicks on ur ads also. hope you earned something.. See ya

Eliena Andrews

Anonymous said...

HOW much house does one need to live in? give me a mud hut any day
as opposed to paying taxes on all the property,its like a car with lots of gadgets,just that much more that can go wrong

DJ said...

since we are only looking at the exterior of the houses, i would say from Silvester Stallone down upto Enrique's one are really nice houses. i think those houses are well worth the money.

^anon: that's an interesting perspective. just because you have to pay taxes doesn't mean we shouldn't own big houses. why do we earn money after all, to live a good life. and a good house is part of a good lifestyle. if i could afford one, i would definitely live in a house just as big as these celebrities. we all have one life, live it well in every sense possible.

Admin said...

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Marksie said...

WOW! nice house they got there huh. Eddie Murphy house is very huge though. :)

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