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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Funny Person in Stomach Trick


Anonymous said...

Uhm. how is this done?

Mr.Lee said...

haha great way to presenting it... a classic in magic... stewart shifts his body to the side while barry crawls through... don't know if i've got the names right... ahh w/e...

DAVE ID said...

Nice one.

Think Tank said...

if you notice ,he entered sideways at 1:11 and then turned around(to show off how wide he is and how they fit together in there) then gets his legs is very easy to fit two persons in there.

the skinny n short guy is choosen to stand up as he is less wide.

that sums it up !!

rshewmaker said...

The script was better than the stunt. Anything to be on the Tele, I guess.

Anonymous said...

u can see him palm the wallet with his left hand

Anonymous said...

I don't think he palms the wallet. More likely he attaches elastic to it when he is hanging up the jacket. Then it springs back inside his coat when he pretends to thrust it into the guys stomach.

That's be my guess anyway.

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Sally said...

You are never too old to appreciate magic tricks or illusions, it is nice to see them on blogs.

Anonymous said...

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