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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Aliens could to destroy Earth in order to save other planets

All those who hope that the first aliens who arrive on Earth to be friendly as ET will experience shock, say scientists. They warn that the aliens are not satisfied while watching our planet due to large emission reductions, so it is possible that they were preparing for an attack to protect the other planets.

As he writes, "Guardian" long-term observations showed that the changes in the Earth's temperature has escaped control. Researchers from NASA and the University of Pennsylvania anticipate that our intergalactic neighbors will soon be seen as a major threat. Sean Domagal Goldmen and his team of experts from NASA drew up a list of possible situations unless we come into contact with other living beings.

NASA's report to address the question of whether the contact with alien holy represented the benefit or detriment of mankind and indicated a possible positive, neutral and adverse outcome.
In the best case scenario is the following: that the information exchanged with aliens in order to overcome hunger, poverty and disease or to victories and learn much more about their technology.

- In this scenario, the profit of mankind not only what it could to defeat big rivals, but also the opportunity to cancel the extraterrestrial intelligent technology - according to a report.

As a neutral possibility led to the indifference of humanity because it has not had the opportunity to further communicate with other planets, including the fact that nations are like "being green" toodisinterested to join us in the "galactic circle."

The most harmful results to coincide with the apocalyptic Hollywood movie and the scenario of "D-Day", the destruction of planet Earth and the diseases that would "erase" the whole population.

Scientists also warn that the possibility of alien attack increases with the zooming and expanding population.

- Mankind will probably only now enter a phase of rapid expansion that might be discovered alien technology for changing the composition of the earth's atmosphere through the emission of harmful gases - NASA experts say, adding: "This scenario is just one more reason to prevent the further spread of the population and reduce the impact on global ecosystems. It would be very important to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, because the composition of the atmosphere can be seen from other planets.”

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