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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Anti-Fascism, Lies and Videotape

Part I: anti-fascism

It becomes obvious that the question of just how much power will the world splashed with the second wave of economic crisis. Each such crisis brings with it profound social upheaval: the fundamental causes any review mechanism upon which our societies and the basis of our valued systems. Each carries with it the danger of "rightist reaction", unfortunately, very typical for the European continent, with a well-known history of the darkness behind him. When thinner wallets and guilty of the national governments, banks, funds and corporations are not at hand, the BES pulls on reserve positions. A reserve always find one way or another minority group, the neighboring country, scapegoats, individuals, lodges and conspirators who are here to steal our bread from the table, not infrequently for centuries in the conspiracy against us. Damn simplification of reality governments psychology of frightened people. A more frightened people in the group elaborated an ideology - it leads to conflict, almost guaranteed. Thus, every economic crisis inevitably brushed against the theme of tolerance and hatred, the Left and Right, the national economy and international economy, and - typical for the dark thoughts of the European twentieth century - the themes of fascism and anti-fascism.

It is not true that Serbia, a country that historically characterized by the existence of two anti-fascist movement during World War II - a feature that boasts only Poland, as far as I know, and I hope that someone will correct me if Gres - Fascists had among its ranks. Back in 1935, while iron in Europe only minted for the evil that would occur in a year on all fronts, the movement choir under the leadership of Demetrius Ljotić achieved 0.84% ​​of all elections in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. Since the introduction of the multiparty system 1990th The sorts of things we were laughed as he attempted to pose as government or opposition in this country, but I'm afraid no one was quite as funny.

Part of another: lie

In the past few years, however, totally unconnected with the matter any aspects of the economic crisis, anti-fascism as a kind of political orientations outlined present in public discourse in Serbia. When you scratch a bit, you realize that today is mostly used as a last ideological line of defense of those whose political interests were tied to start Yugoslav project, as soon as you mention the word restitution - they were anti-Fascists and fought against the invaders, as they mention the victims of post-war communist pogrom - But we were anti-fascists. OK, you were anti-fascists. But we know it. It is a fact, it was found, and this is the most honorable that could be and should be to be in these horrible, enemy thirties and forties of the twentieth century. But, what about those tens of thousands of Serbian citizens after executed II War? And to return the money, do not forget.

Now that Serbia was the anti-fascist in those terrible years, and that without measures honor and responsibility passed to us so that we are its citizens now, over there, and there will be no dispute. And we will never forget in this country. Only it is not misused for the purposes of vulgar political calculation, because it is so lowers prices, prices which many of our ancestors followed their lives.

Part Third: Video Tapes

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. I always thought that Shakespeare's sentences somehow very unhappy at the history of Denmark and Dance, far from being familiar with the historical circumstances under which the famous Englishman created and to understand where did the inspiration that he was just Denmark was on his mind, but we always come through head - why Denmark when there are so many countries in which the same predicate can be applied more evident.

Public holiday and pay tribute to two of them will be one to eight four p.m. Robi and the other eighteen years - a joint criminal enterprise, so? - And the verdict of the Tribunal. Awkward. I did not disgrace you. It is almost painful to watch Josipovic to be subject to pressure and stands up, the man felt human need to congratulate him that he managed to remain the head office, not to mention the fact that the move must be to turn around and go at a time when an event transcended all border elementary ethics. Kosor - knows what he has to say and when to get support in some future election. In fact, gentlemen, is the difference between you and us: what should our Prime Minister or President, to give yourself something like this, probably provoked demonstrations against him in the middle of Belgrade. After saying all these Balkan same, I would not say. Because Serbian statesmen today can be put under the nail, "regional leaders" - even without reference to the dark Balkan history of the Second World War, which, in the context of the above discuss terms, for some unquestionable clear, for some very problematic.

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