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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Dolphins Wave?

Dolphins Wave?

Ok, so I have been waiting ALL week to get my beautiful kayak back into the water to get my weekly fix. I live in Rockeldge, Florida by the Indian River. So my wife tells me she can come home early today and watch the kids by 4:30. Great!

It's raining and kind of gray out, but I could care less. I have a spray skirt that encloses me in the cockpit of the kayak (Necky Manitou 14) and this spray skirt keeps me dry.

Bla bla bla -- so I go out onto the Indian River and am dodging all these waves and there are like 20 dolphins swimming by me doing really weird things with their lateral fins. Like waving. Weird...

I'm loving the big rolling waves on the Indian River and wondering what the strange, waving dolphins are doing there... but I am having fun so who cares. Wind and rain wiping in my face but -- I was in meetings all day listening to people -- bla bla bla -- so who cares.

Come home, and my wife tells me the first tropical storm of the season was going on while I was kayaking (*REALLY hoping this is no sort of --what did the Romans call it -- Omen?). Guess the dolphins were trying (in their own way) to tell me to get the bloody heck of the water (think I'm so darn smart, but I simply DON'T understand dolphin).

Oh well. Nothing a hot shower and a stiff glass of scotch won't cure.

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